Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Time in September

When I'm not packing, I'm working on paintings for Art for the Sangres, a one day/evening show to be held on September 29th in Westcliffe, Colorado.  It's a small town at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in southern Colorado with wide-open plains that are home to deer, elk and pronghorn antelope.  If the autumn color is on schedule, I'd like to spend a day painting the brilliant yellow aspen at the foot of the mountains.  Westcliffe is 7800 altitude, so the winters are hard.  On previous  Art for the Sangres weekends, we've had snow in Westcliffe, but we've also had temps of 78 F.  I'm hoping for beautiful color!

I originally intended to put a bear in this 24" x 36" oil, A Time in September,  but I couldn't find a place to put him - and the idea of a bear seemed to disturb the peace, so I left him out. I've framed
this in a 3" wide dull-gold frame....and love the way it looks!

A Time in September
24" x 36" oil on Ampersand Cradleboard

I've had people ask about my plans to return to live in New Zealand.  I'm originally from Warkworth, about 45 minutes north of NZ's largest city, Auckland.  Warkworth is now considered part of the 'super city' of Auckland and real estate prices are through the roof, so I'm looking further north.  I've been shovelling snow for 35 winters and I am d-o-n-e!  Another reason why I am looking for a house in The Winterless North.  I'm cross-eyed from looking at houses online and have almost used up 5 gB limit for the month, with another ten days to go, but it seems that the New Zealand's Northland will win out. 

On to a new adventure!