Sunday, August 28, 2016

Little Landscape #5 - View From My Window

In two days it will be the first day of spring here in New Zealand. The day started with winds and heavy rain which are moving south.  After living in Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona,  for thirty-five years, I am not used to being able to see so far from my window. It's a distraction that I'm always tempted to paint, so I did. This was painted plein air, looking south east from my studio window at the passing storm.

Little Landscape #5 - View From my Window
by Adele Earnshaw
Plein air, 6" x 8" oil on gessoed board, unframed
US$ 125 plus $10 shipping

Monday, August 15, 2016

Shane first submission for the Little Landscape project

Shane has just finished his first piece for the Little Landscape project. For newcomers to my blog, Shane is my son and also a professional illustrator. Occasionally we have fun doing online projects such as this. This is the fourth piece in our project.

Sharing Shade
Little Landscape project #4 by Shane Rebenschied
6" x 8" oil on gessoed board, unframed
US $125 plus $10 shipping


If you're interested in purchasing this piece, just click on the BUY NOW button. It will be shipped in a week or two when the painting is dry.