Monday, May 31, 2010

Another chicken!

Today's painting for 75 for $75 is another chicken.   I'm keeping this brief as my son and his family will be here for dinner any minute!

Adele Earnshaw - "The Sky is Falling"
7" x 5"  oil on panel

Shane's painting for yesterday #37

Shortly after I posted my piece for yesterday's 75 for $75, Shane called to report that he just finished his piece...but it was already too dark to photograph it, so he sent me his image this morning  Officially #37!  We're now halfway to our goal of 75 paintings by June 15th.  To see all of the 37 paintings, go to the 75 for $75 page on my website by clicking on the link.   As a reminder, the paintings we're doing this month for our 75 for $75 project are all 5" x 7" oil on panel, unframed.  There is an additional charge of $5 for mailing.  Paintings will be mailed once they're dry and varnished.  It usually takes a week, sometimes more, to be dry enough to ship, then they'll be sent through the post office, first class mail.

I've explained the project in earlier posts, but will explain it again in case you missed it.  My goal in doing 75 for $75 is to get better at spontaneous bird studies.  I want to get more painterly in my work - and since switching from watercolor to oil four years ago, I've had a struggle painting birds without rendering them to death.   As I don't supply my galleries with bird studies, this online project doesn't compete with the eight galleries that carry my work.   

I'm doing the 75 for $75 project with my son, Shane, who is a commercial illustrator.  He does book covers for the major publishers.  You can see his commercial work at  As his illustrations are digital, he decided to join me in this project as an opportunity to get back into oil painting.  Shane graduated from Art Center College of Design as an illustration major in 1998. 

Shane Rebenschied - Truth and Consequences
5" x 7" oil
 (I think the sale on this piece broke all records. It sold within minutes of posting it.)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

For today - a mourning dove

I'm back in the studio trying to make up for lost time.  Today's 5" x 7" oil is a mourning dove.  Painting this piece reminded me why I like Ampersand gesso board so much.   It's such a nice surface to work on.  And no - I'm not paid by Ampersand to say nice things about their product! 

I doubt that Shane will be contributing any pieces in the next week...though he's trying.  He's suddenly flooded with real work (freelance illustrator). It's Murphy's Law....his illustration jobs have been slow to come these past few months but as soon as he made a committment to contribute to this project, his freelance work picked up.  It figures!

 Adele Earnshaw - Mourning Dove
5" x 7"  oil on board

Saturday, May 29, 2010

A piece for today...

I've been under the weather so haven't painted or posted for a couple of days.  But a trip to Urgent Care set me right and I'm almost a new woman. I'm still not up to painting but tomorrow I have big plans to spend the day in the studio.  I posted this bluebird painting prior to the official start of 75 for $75 so I'm posting it now for today's piece.   The colors in this piece are really yummy - which don't really show up on this photo.

Adele Earnshaw - Bluebird
5" x 7"  oil on board

Friday, May 28, 2010

No painting yesterday? Maybe not today either....

Sorry that I didn't post a painting yesterday.  I've been fighting a cold that's getting the best of me...
so yesterday after turping out a couple of pieces, I ran errands, came home and went to bed.  Today, I'm going to kick back and watch a few movies and see if I can kick this cold-from-hell. 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Flamingos and another hummingbird!

Today's 5" x 7"s are another broad-tailed hummingbird and flamingos (#34 and 35!)     I spoke with Shane earlier and he was still hoping to have time to get a small piece done today - if so, will post it below my two later today.

In my transition from watercolor to oil, I've had the most difficulty painting birds in oil - which is one of the reason I chose to do bird studies for this project. I can see progress in my goal to be more painterly  and the studies are giving me ideas for larger gallery pieces.

You can see all of the 35 paintings we've done so far by clicking here.  The paintings are sold unframed but you can find attractive 5" x 7" ready-made frames at Michaels or even Target.

Adele Earnshaw - #2 Broad-tailed Hummingbird
5" x 7" oil on panel

I've not been able to get a decent photograph of the flamingos, the water is really much darker.  Once the painting is dry I'll put it on the scanner and will post a better image. I've never painted a flamingo before but enjoyed it so much that I'm thinking of painting them on location at the zoo.  

Adele Earnshaw - Flamingos
7" x 5", oil on panel

And now another story about Fatty-bird.   One night my son and I were watching a movie while sharing a bowl of popcorn.  Fatty-bird had turned in for the night, sleeping in my bedroom ceiling light fixture.  All the rooms were dark except for where we were watching a movie.  Suddenly out of the dark, a surprise attack!  I had my mouth open ready to insert a piece of popcorn in it when Fattybird flew between my fingers and my mouth, grabbing the popcorn midair.   She took the popcorn back to her bed in the light fixture.

When I wanted her to come out of the light fixture, all I had to do was to turn the light on.  I would hear her scolding me as her bed heated up.  When it got unbearably hot, she'd hop out of the light with her little beak open to cool off.    The saga of Fatty-bird will continue with the next post!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Today's 5" x 7" - a house sparrow

I know I won't gain favors with birders, but I admit that I love house sparrows.   When my son was 9, he brought home a baby house sparrow when his friend's dog destroyed a nest built in ivy on the side of a building.  Shane saved two of the babies, but one died shortly after.  It was close to fledging, so I figured we would only have to take care of it for a few weeks and then we'd release it. Wrong!

We didn't name her (she would be leaving soon!) so she came to be known as Fatty-bird for her ferocious appetite.  She lived with us for almost a year.  Every flat surface that she frequented in the house, was covered in paper towels.    She went outside during the day but by dusk, she let me know she wanted inside by flying against the window, making little scratchy sounds on the glass with her feet.  I would go outside with a cookie, she would land on my shoulder and ride inside with me.  She slept in my bedroom's ceiling light fixture.  I now have respect for the tenacity and determination of a house-sparrow and understand why the species is so successful, to the detriment of other species.   I have lots of great stories about Fatty-bird but I won't tell them all now.  I must remember to tell you the popcorn story....and the time her tail caught on fire.

Today, I painted a house-sparrow in memory of Fatty-Bird.  To see the rest of the 5" x 7" oils in our 75 for $75 project, just click here.  We've posted more than 30 since May 15th.  Our goal is to have at least 75 posted by June 15th.

 Adele Earnshaw - House Sparrow
$ 75
5" x 7"  oil on panel

Shameless plugs and a little biographical info

If family history bores you to tears, then I suggest you scroll down past the ramblings on how I became an artist,  to see the first piece I'm posting for today. 

It's strange, but prior to me, there were no artists that I know of on either side of my family.  There was the well-known English illustrator Harold Earnshaw who was married to the illustrator  Lucie Mabel Atwell, but even though I'm into genealogy, I have yet to find a link between my family and his.  My Earnshaw family originated in Yorkshire before immigrating to New Zealand...but as far as I can tell,  every Earnshaw originated in Yorkshire where the name is recorded in the poll tax as early as the 1300's.  So undoubtedly, Harold and I shared a common ancestry.

My grammar school report cards all said, 'Adele loves her  handicrafts'.  Back in 1950's New Zealand, little girls learned to darn socks and do embroidery as part of the school curriculum.  And no, I was not born in the dark ages.  Perhaps if I were born at a later date someone would have noticed my inclinations towards art but it wasn't until high school that a teacher noticed my interest.  I did not take art in high school - only crafts classes.  Why not art?  Because I thought that artists were born that way.  I didn't realize that the only necessary requirement was determination and that one could learn how to draw and paint.  So in high school, where I practically majored in potter's wheel, my teacher gave me a brochure for an art school and encouraged me to approach my parents about considering art as a career.

I knew better.  My parents were supportive but deadly practical.   "And how do you think  you're going to earn a living"?    So the brochure went into the trash and after one miserable semester of junior college, I joined the airlines as a flight attendant.     My father was a private pilot so I took flying lessons in a Piper 140 and soloed at the age of 17.  So why did it never occur to me to finish my flying license and go for my commercial rating so that I could be in the front of the aircraft instead of slinging coffee in the back?  Probably because I was a product of the times - and women commercial pilots were only starting to appear.

Seven years later, I went on a year-long maternity leave from my job as a flight attendant.  This is when I found painting!   What a luxury....a year off!   The week I went on leave, I received a brochure on adult education in the mail.  I signed up for two classes.....ceramics and beginning watercolor.
The watercolor class was taught by was now-best-buddy Joe Garcia.  I waddled into class, watched Joe do a demo of pine trees - and that was it.  He said, 'you can do this too'.   I was hooked.  I sold my first painting a year later and ten years later,  by then a single mom, started painting full time. 

My important lessons:  My Dad always said, 'you need three things to achieve;  desire, tenacity and effort'.  I have all three.  Joe Garcia said, 'you can be an artist' and I believed him.

Shane, the baby I was expecting when I took Joe's beginning watercolor class must have been listening in utero because 20+ years later, he graduated from Joe's alma mater, Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, with a degree in illustration. Perhaps some of Harold Earnshaw's genes are in his DNA.   Shane does freelance  commercial work, mainly book covers, for the major publishers. 
So  now the family has two son and me.

I knew that my sister had artistic ability, but she placed greater value on security than I did and declined my offers to give her some painting lessons.  She is a very successful realtor/broker in Frisco, Colorado.  But four years ago, she gave in to my pressure and sat in on one of my workshops.  Now she hangs in several galleries and sells like hotcakes.  You can see her work at or read about her journey to becoming an artist on her blog.  She's even retiring early so that she can paint full time.  So now the family has three artists.

Which leads me to my brother, Cameron Earnshaw.  Cameron's interests were always in music.  Mine were too, but I can't sing, therefore I paint.  Cameron always had a second job playing keyboard in smokey bars on weekends.  He dabbled in song writing, but not until recently did he decide to do something about it.  Within a year or two of seriously pursuing songwriting, he has a contract with a Nashville publisher.  Way to go Cameron!  So now there are four artists in the family.

But it wouldn't be right to leave out my father who has published three novels in New Zealand, one of them is available on Amazon.   It would also not be right to leave out an incredibly talented niece, Ally Hanson, who spends lots of time on her art but still hasn't decided to pursue it professionally.  To sum it up, the members of my family were all left-brained and I was the one who was either adopted or born under a cabbage.  But now, one by one,  they have come over to the dark side.  Isn't it strange how this works! 

Anyway, this flying egret is the first piece I did for the 75 for $75 project.  It's one of my favorite
pieces.   It has been interesting doing bird studies instead of a complete bird painting.  I've had to really look closely to see which elements are important - and which can be left out.  I've found that a strong light source really helps.  Wow, we're up to 32 pieces on the project.  Almost halfway there and still 22 days to go!  (and I have a nice little piece almost finished of a house sparrow that I'll post later today)

Adele Earnshaw - Flying Egret
5" x 7"  oil on panel

Monday, May 24, 2010

Today's work

I have only one piece to show for a long day's work today for our 75 for $75 project.  Though I must admit I got lots of other stuff done.  This little study was a real pain to photograph.  When it's dry, I'll scan it, but in the meantime, this is not an entirely accurate photo.  The background in the painting is darker.   The bird is a male broad-tailed hummingbird - I have many of them at my feeders at this time of year. 

I've mentioned often on my blog that my reason for the 75 for $75 project is to get better at painterly bird studies.  Someone asked, 'what exactly is a bird study'?    What I mean by bird study, is a sketch of a bird in background, just capturing the essence of the bird.  Much the way I would paint a bird plein air if it would stay still for me.   I had a second piece almost finished today - a lesser goldfinch, but the painting did not fit my idea of a 'spontaneous, painterly bird study', so I turped it out and saved the panel for tomorrow.

It's also important to me that I not compete with the eight galleries that show my work, so I've chosen something that I don't paint for galleries.  My blog has a list of the galleries that carry my work.  If you'd like to see my 'regular' work, please check out my galleries' websites. 

Adele Earnshaw - Broad-tailed Hummingbird
5" x 7"  oil on panel

Shane won't have a piece for today.  He's up to his ears in his illustration work, which is a good place to be, so I won't nag him. 

The studio

Someone recently emailed me and asked about my studio space and work hours.  My home is in a little community of summer cabins.  My house started out as a cabin but now it's a great little artist's cottage.  I used to joke that all I need is a studio with hot plate and plug for the tea kettle, a bathroom and somewhere to sleep.   But come to think of it, that's still all I really need.

My studio is about 15 by 17 with a large fireplace and one wall of sliding doors that hide supplies and prints.  The natural light is less than perfect so I paint under florescent lights with daylight balanced bulbs.   Thanks to my brother-in-law, Jim, I have a huge weighted easel....and this is where I spend about 8 hours a day, six days a week, usually listening to Pandora on the computer.

Right now the studio looks like a bomb went off in it, so a good cleaning is in order for today, especially as my artist friends are coming for dinner on Wednesday night;  painters  Larisa Aukon, Susan Faust and sculptor Kim Kori.  I have my eye on Kim's  Mouse Geisha - we're hoping we can work out a trade.  I'm not very social, but I do love getting together with other artists.  I've often wondered if plumbers get together and discuss plumbing....

Last night I spent time scanning some of the dry paintings for my project,  75 for $75 .  Wet paintings are particularly difficult to photograph because of the glare off thick, wet paint.   I realized I haven't posted the finished Canada here it is.  This is one of my pieces for today - hopefully I'll get one or two more done by evening.  It's tighter than I prefer to paint, but then some people like more detail. 

Adele Earnshaw - Canada Geese
7" x 5" oil on panel

If you see a piece you like on the 75 for $75 page of my website,, purchasing is done through PayPal by clicking on the Buy Now button.  As I can't mail a painting until it is dry, there may be a week (or longer) delay before I can ship it.  But I'll email you and let you know once the piece is purchased.  If you have a special request for a specific bird, I'm happy to paint it.  You are not obligated to purchase it.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

One each today....

Shane's painting for today is called, 'Happy to Be Here'.  5" x 7" oil on panel.  It's probably on Ampersand gesso board - I forgot to ask.  I really like the light on the mountains. 

Shane Rebenschied - Happy to be Here
5" x 7" oil on panel

My painting for the day is a male kestrel.  I like the way this little guy turned out, he's not too rendered.  It looks detailed but it's actually very loose.  It's also painted on Ampersand gesso board.   The kestrel used to be called 'sparrow hawk' but it's actually the smallest of the falcon family. 

 Adele Earnshaw - Kestrel
7" x 5" oil on panel

The paintings we're selling in the 75 for $75 collection are unframed.  Shipping is $5 within the contiguous U.S.  Paintings will be mailed once they're usually takes about a week.  You can go to the 75 for $75 page on my website to see the rest of the 5 x 7's in the collection.  We're only 8 days into the project and we've already done 30 or more pieces.  Most, but not all,  are posted on my website at the above underlined link.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Two hummingbirds for today

 I've done two hummingbirds today and have also tweaked a piece that was posted earlier in the project.  These two hummers are 5" x 7"s, both oils on Ampersand board.  I haven't painted many hummingbirds since switching from watercolor to oil about four years ago and these are really my first attempt at painting them loosely.

I have five species of hummingbirds at my feeders in the summer;  Black-chinned, Anna's, Broad-tailed, Magnificient (also known as the Rivoli's) and Rufous.  I just see the Rufous in late summer on their way south from the Rockies, and the Magnificent are not common here.   When my son was nine, he saw the first Magnificent at our feeder, calling me with "MOM!  There's a B-52 at the feeder"!  It is one of the largest hummingbirds and flies very slowly compared to the other hummingbird species, which are much like the x-wing fighters in Star Wars.  I will try to paint all five species for the 75 for $75 project.  

Shane doesn't have today's painting finished in time for me to post it here.  If he gets it finished in the next hour or two, I'll post it below these three pieces.  Otherwise, will post it tomorrow.

 Adele Earnshaw - Rufous Hummingbird
 7" x 5" oil on panel

Adele Earnshaw - Black-chinned Hummingbird
5" x 7 oil on panel

Finally, this is a piece I painted a few weeks ago for the project.  I tweaked it today - this is the new image.  Yellow is such a difficult color to photograph!

Adele Earnshaw - Yellow Grosbeak
7" x 5"  oil on panel

Friday, May 21, 2010

Two more!

Shane said he was reminded of hobbits as he painted this piece for today....therefore it is called 'Pre-dinner Dinner' as hobbits have many more than three meals a day.  Today he worked on Ampersand board and said that he really likes it.  I can see his brush strokes evolving and I love the light and color in it. 

Shane Rebenschied - "Pre-dinner Dinner"
5" x 7" oil on panel

Today I chose to paint an Inca Dove. They really do look like this when they fluff up their feathers.  It's one of my favorite birds but I don't paint them that often as they are only found in southern Arizona, a tiny part of southern California and Texas.

It's really hard to photograph my bird studies without glare on the thick paint which is still wet when I'm photographing them.   As the paintings dry I'll scan them and replace the image with a better one.

 Adele Earnshaw - Inca Dove
7" x 5" oil on panel

You can see the rest of the paintings in our ongoing project, 75 for $75 by clicking on this link.
We'll be adding at least one painting each, per day, until June 15th.    If you'd like to know why we're doing this project you can scroll down to previous posts.

Paintings will be mailed when they're dry....usually within the week, but I'll email you when I ship.

You are welcome to request a bird species With no obligation to purchase. 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Two more for 75 for $75

Shane's oil for today, 'Rain Over Mingus' is of Mingus Mountain in northern Arizona.  He's trying different surfaces - 'Rain Over Mingus' is on a canvas panel.

 Shane Rebenschied - "Rain Over Mingus"
oil on canvas

Adele Earnshaw - Black-headed Grosbeak
5" x 7" oil on panel


To see more the rest of the paintings in our 75 for $75 please click on this link.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Today's painting

I just have one piece to post today.   I posted it earlier before the project started, but just finished it.  Tomorrow I should be back on schedule but in the afternoon, will be taking my 18 year old kitty, Miss Molly, for her final trip to the vet.    She's had a good long life but kidney disease is getting the best of her.

I've had a request for hummingbirds, a mourning dove, heron and egret so I'll get to those in the next week or two.  Thanks for all the emails I've received on the 75 for 75 project.  It's been fun!

I don't think Shane has a piece to post today.  He's working on a couple of deadlines.

Adele Earnshaw - "Coot"
5" x 7" oil on panel

To purchase this painting or to see the rest of the 75 for $75 please click on this link.
We now have 20 pieces on my website - 55 to go!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday's work

This evening I am using two pieces that were posted earlier, before 75 for 75 officially started.  This has been one of these days.  Shane is up to his ears in commercial work (book covers)  and I spent the day taking care of #3 grandchild, Eliza, aged 17 months.  The perfect excuse for not painting today. 

But this is why Shane and I painted some pieces in advance.

 Adele Earnshaw - Bufflehead
5" x 7" oil on panel

Shane Rebenschied - Trees
5" x 7"  oil on panel

To purchase "Bufflehead" and to see the rest of the paintings, please click on this link.  It will take you to my website. 

Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday's two paintings....

I think we might be getting the hang of this.

I spent most of the day running errands and tweaking a couple of almost finished 5 x 7's that I painted last week.  So I just have one painting that I'm prepared to post today.....and Shane just sent me his. So on day #3 of 75 for 75 we've met our commitment of one each.

I received a special request to do a 5" x 7" of a hooded this is what I chose to do today.    They arrive in my area in March, shortly after the hummingbirds.  I know it is spring when I see my first oriole.  If you have a special request for a particular bird, let me know.  You're under no obligation to purchase the painting.

To see the rest of the paintings in our 75 for $75 project, click on this link.

Adele Earnshaw - Hooded Oriole
7" x 4" oil on board

Shane's piece for today is done on a Mona Lisa panel.  So far, this is his favorite surface.  His landscape is of a road in Colleton County, South Carolina.

Shane Rebenschied - "Tunnel Vision"
5" x 7" oil on panel


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Shane's painting for today

Shane managed to get a piece done today in spite of having three kids underfoot.  I don't know how he does it!

After trying different surfaces, Shane is using 1/4" thick masonite.  He buys in by the sheet, cuts it to size then gessos the top and sides using a small, smooth roller.   Then using a special sandpaper, he sands the gesso smooth, then tints the panel (top and sides) with a turpy burnt umber color.    As they're 1/4" thick with finished sides, his paintings can be 'floated'.

For this project, I'm using both gessoed Ampersand and some 1/8" masonite panels I've gessoed - but I prefer a rougher surface than Shane's smooth panels, so I let some of the brush marks show in the gesso.

This is Shane's piece for today.

Shane Rebenschied - "Milling About" 
5" x 7" oil on panel


Only one painting today

Some days, painting come easy.  Other days, it's like pulling hen's teeth.  This was one of those days.  I started three different 5 x 7's but wiped them off when I found myself getting too picky.  My goal in painting 75  5" x 7" oils is to become more proficient at quick, painterly bird studies.   These are not supposed to be illustrations but paintings. 

When all else fails, I go back to my roots and paint a chicken...or in this case, a rooster.  I grew up on a poultry farm in New Zealand so if I can't paint a chicken, well then I might as well just hang it up.
I'm pretty happy with the way he turned out.

So I only got one painting done today - but that's's Sunday and I'm tired.  I'm taking the rest of the afternoon off.  I'm off to an artist get-together at my friend,  Susan Kliewer's home.  Susan is a fabulous sculptor.  To see her work, click here.  If I'm not in the mood to paint, then the next best thing is to talk art with a bunch of other artists.

Adele Earnshaw - Rooster
5" x 7" oil on panel

Saturday, May 15, 2010

And yet another....

This is my second piece for today...a  dipper on the creek below my house.   Unlike the other pieces, this one has a bit of a background.  What would a dipper be without rushing water behind it?

If I post another  piece before the end of the day, I'll put it below the dipper rather than create a new post.

Adele Earnshaw - "Dipper"  5" x 7" oil on panel

To see the rest of the paintings,  click on this link
This is a piece I did a few weeks ago when I first decided to do 75 for 75.  It's a nuthatch on my apple tree.

     Adele Earnshaw - "Nuthatch"
Purchased paintings will be shipped via the post office, as soon as they're dry - which may take a week or more.  If you would like to purchase more than one, email me before purchasing.  I'll tweak the BUY NOW button so that you only pay shipping for one.

We're at the starting gate!

And we're off and running!   Today my son and I are officially starting our  75 for $75 project.

If you missed the initial post on this, I'll explain it again.

I've been intrigued by the painting a day concept, started by Duane Keiser and perfected by  artists such as Carol Marine.  But I already have loads of other commitments to 8 galleries and 5 annual shows so I don't want a long-term obligation.    So I'm doing a 30-day painting a day project that will help me meet my goal of becoming proficient at quick, painterly bird studies.

My son, Shane Rebenschied, full time freelance illustrator, read about my project and asked if he could join in (ok - perhaps there was a little coercing from his mother).  Shane does book covers for the major publishers, but as the majority of his work is digital, he misses painting for painting's sake.

We've made the commitment to paint at least one 5" x 7" each a day from May 15th to June 15th.   The results will be posted here daily, then put on my website here.  Or you can go to, click on PAINTINGS on the top menu, then scroll down to 75 for $75. If you click on the link, you'll see we've already posted 15 paintings.

We've worked ahead to make up for days during the coming month when we have other obligations.  It won't be difficult for me as all I do is paint, but Shane has his full time illustration work PLUS three kiddos, ages 10, 8, and 17 months.  So I'll excuse him if he doesn't get a piece done every day.    My goal is to paint as many as FOUR a day.

To purchase a painting, go to 75 for $75, and click on the BUY NOW button where purchases can be made through Paypal.

These are today's two paintings:

Shane Rebenschied - "Curious Three"
5" x 7" oil on panel, unframed

Adele Earnshaw - "Red-winged Blackbird"
5" x 7" oil on panel, unframed

Purchased paintings will be shipped via the post office, as soon as they're dry - which may take a week or more.  
If you would like to purchase more than one, email me before purchasing.  I'll tweak the BUY NOW button so that you only pay shipping for one.  

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A couple more 5" x 7"s.

I've been going through my bird files alphabetically, so today I'm posting a black-necked stilt, cardinal and Canada geese.  These are all 5 x 7 oil on board and will be available on May 15th for $75 each plus $5 shipping, unframed.

I'm having fun doing these.  I hope it shows.

Black-necked Stilt



Canada Geese

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

75 for $75

Since returning home I've been working on my 75 for $75 project that officially starts on May 15th and ends on June 15th.     All the 75 for $75 paintings will be available on my website and can be purchased as of May 15th.   Every day I'll add a couple more and hopefully I'll reach my goal of 75 by June 15th.

All paintings will be 5" x 7" original oils.  I am painting bird studies, my son will be painting landscapes.
Purchased paintings will be shipped as soon as they are dry - usually in about a week.    These are some of the latest.

"Western Bluebird"


"Cactus Wren"  SOLD

Shane Rebenschied - "Warm Buns" 

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Group plein air show opening today

If you're in the area (or even if you're not) come and see the group show at the Santa Ysabel Gallery in San Diego County, opening this afternoon at 4 pm.     Santa Ysabel is a wide spot in the road between Julian and Ramona.  It's a pretty area with classic California oak-covered rolling hills, cows and poppies.  Definitely one of my favorite places to paint. 

Annie Rowley has owned the gallery for twelve or more years and has become well-known for plein air landscapes primarily of San Diego County - in fact the work for this show must be 100% plein air.  I joke that we even have to sign the painting on location.  Sadly, this year, Stan Sowinski will not be with us as he passed away a few months ago.  I learned a lot about color by looking at his work and hope I took the time to tell him this.

Joe Garcia and I have been painting in the area since last Monday.  This piece, Decommissioned, is a 9 x 12 oil of the old bridge at Bonsall.  It's done on Ampersand board - which, in spite of working on some Pintura and Raymar panels lately, still remains my favorite surface.

I completed six pieces this week, most painted in Julian.  Joe and I will be painting at the gallery at 2 pm today - along with other artists involved in the show.  I hope to see you there!

Tomorrow, I head back to Sedona in time to spend some time on Mother's Day with my son and family.  Then it's back in the trenches!  I'm looking forward to  starting "75 for $75 on the 15th.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Well darn it!

My painting, Rude Awakening did not get into this year's Birds in Art exhibition.  Darn it anyway!   I've been accepted into BIA 17 or 18 times - so I'm not bothered that my painting didn't get it - but I am bothered that I could have sold the painting last weekend at the Fallbrook show but the clients wanted to take the painting home with them that day.

Oh well - the painting got a great reaction so I'm sure it will sell quickly.  You can see the painting at Windrush Gallery in Sedona, Arizona.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Then and Now

I spent Wednesday morning sitting in a cemetery above Julian, California, painting the headstones and the contrasting busy little town below.  This is an 8" x 10 oil titled "Then and Now".

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

'A' Street and Main

I'm in Julian, California for the week, painting for the upcoming group plein air show at the Santa Ysabel Gallery.  The show opens this Saturday at 4 PM and will hang through June 13th.

Yesterday, Joe Garcia and I painted in downtown Julian.  But come to think of it, Julian is so small that 'downtown' is debatable.  Perhaps I should say 'in-town'?  The weather has been perfect and no wind or bugs.  We've lucked out.

The photograph of  'A' Street & Main is too dark but I'm working on my laptop where I don't have the capabilities to lighten it.  It's an 8" x 10" oil on board.

Today, Joe and I will be painting in Julian again.  I have my eye on the local pastry shop.  The front door, signs and trim are red.  Yummy!