Saturday, May 22, 2010

Two hummingbirds for today

 I've done two hummingbirds today and have also tweaked a piece that was posted earlier in the project.  These two hummers are 5" x 7"s, both oils on Ampersand board.  I haven't painted many hummingbirds since switching from watercolor to oil about four years ago and these are really my first attempt at painting them loosely.

I have five species of hummingbirds at my feeders in the summer;  Black-chinned, Anna's, Broad-tailed, Magnificient (also known as the Rivoli's) and Rufous.  I just see the Rufous in late summer on their way south from the Rockies, and the Magnificent are not common here.   When my son was nine, he saw the first Magnificent at our feeder, calling me with "MOM!  There's a B-52 at the feeder"!  It is one of the largest hummingbirds and flies very slowly compared to the other hummingbird species, which are much like the x-wing fighters in Star Wars.  I will try to paint all five species for the 75 for $75 project.  

Shane doesn't have today's painting finished in time for me to post it here.  If he gets it finished in the next hour or two, I'll post it below these three pieces.  Otherwise, will post it tomorrow.

 Adele Earnshaw - Rufous Hummingbird
 7" x 5" oil on panel

Adele Earnshaw - Black-chinned Hummingbird
5" x 7 oil on panel

Finally, this is a piece I painted a few weeks ago for the project.  I tweaked it today - this is the new image.  Yellow is such a difficult color to photograph!

Adele Earnshaw - Yellow Grosbeak
7" x 5"  oil on panel


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  2. Yes, I'll be painting more hummingbirds between now and June 15th. I have a broad-tailed hummingbird almost finished - hope to post it tomorrow.

  3. I'm sorry Ruth, I forgot to thank you for your nice comment on my work. Thanks!