Tuesday, May 11, 2010

75 for $75

Since returning home I've been working on my 75 for $75 project that officially starts on May 15th and ends on June 15th.     All the 75 for $75 paintings will be available on my website and can be purchased as of May 15th.   Every day I'll add a couple more and hopefully I'll reach my goal of 75 by June 15th.

All paintings will be 5" x 7" original oils.  I am painting bird studies, my son will be painting landscapes.
Purchased paintings will be shipped as soon as they are dry - usually in about a week.    These are some of the latest.

"Western Bluebird"


"Cactus Wren"  SOLD

Shane Rebenschied - "Warm Buns" 


  1. Great start to a great project. I look forward to following the progress!

  2. the cactus wren is my favorite of these three. And I love Shane's landscape!