Saturday, May 1, 2010

Anticipating Pie

I'm in California exhibiting my work at Reflections of Nature in Fallbrook, California.  The show was packed with visitors last night for the VIP opening.  Today has been busy at times but now an hour before closing, I have time to update my blog.

Next weekend you'll find me at Santa Ysabel Gallery's Plein air XV, the gallery's fifteenth annual plein air exhibition.  The opening is May 8th and will hang until June 13th.   Annie, the gallery owner, is a stickler for 100% plein air pieces.  After spending the day painting outside, it's nice to come home, pour a glass of wine, put up your feet and look at the day's work.  Then you can soften an edge, add a brush stroke,  or remove the bugs and bits of grass that found their way into the paint....but Annie insists that the work be 100% plein air - no tweaking allowed!

 I painted this piece,  Anticipating Pie, (8 x 10 oil on board) at the apple orchards at Garland's Lodge in Oak Creek Canyon, this past Monday.  This will be one of my paintings for the upcoming plein air show.


  1. I like! Simple, but I especially like the tree trunk.

  2. There is a lovely sense of light in this piece. I meant to go to the Fallbrook show, perhaps I'll make it up to the Santa Isabel gallery.