Friday, May 7, 2010

Well darn it!

My painting, Rude Awakening did not get into this year's Birds in Art exhibition.  Darn it anyway!   I've been accepted into BIA 17 or 18 times - so I'm not bothered that my painting didn't get it - but I am bothered that I could have sold the painting last weekend at the Fallbrook show but the clients wanted to take the painting home with them that day.

Oh well - the painting got a great reaction so I'm sure it will sell quickly.  You can see the painting at Windrush Gallery in Sedona, Arizona.


  1. Dont know why it didn't get in. You can never figure out judging. Doesn't always make sense.

  2. Well, in my book, it's a true Birds in Art piece if there ever was one. You are in fine company with the likes of Lyn and Jim Coe and others alike who also did not make the cut this year.