Friday, May 21, 2010

Two more!

Shane said he was reminded of hobbits as he painted this piece for today....therefore it is called 'Pre-dinner Dinner' as hobbits have many more than three meals a day.  Today he worked on Ampersand board and said that he really likes it.  I can see his brush strokes evolving and I love the light and color in it. 

Shane Rebenschied - "Pre-dinner Dinner"
5" x 7" oil on panel

Today I chose to paint an Inca Dove. They really do look like this when they fluff up their feathers.  It's one of my favorite birds but I don't paint them that often as they are only found in southern Arizona, a tiny part of southern California and Texas.

It's really hard to photograph my bird studies without glare on the thick paint which is still wet when I'm photographing them.   As the paintings dry I'll scan them and replace the image with a better one.

 Adele Earnshaw - Inca Dove
7" x 5" oil on panel

You can see the rest of the paintings in our ongoing project, 75 for $75 by clicking on this link.
We'll be adding at least one painting each, per day, until June 15th.    If you'd like to know why we're doing this project you can scroll down to previous posts.

Paintings will be mailed when they're dry....usually within the week, but I'll email you when I ship.

You are welcome to request a bird species With no obligation to purchase. 


  1. Great series, love following it. You always seem to capture the true essence of all the little ones. Tell Shane, I really like his pasture scene!

  2. Well, if you'd eer come to Texas, you might paint them more!...REMIND ME when I see you next week to give you a free lesson on photographing wet is VERY TECHNICAL, as you might imagine. Feel free to invite your local art friends.
    ...I will buy this one, is lovely!!!