Saturday, May 15, 2010

And yet another....

This is my second piece for today...a  dipper on the creek below my house.   Unlike the other pieces, this one has a bit of a background.  What would a dipper be without rushing water behind it?

If I post another  piece before the end of the day, I'll put it below the dipper rather than create a new post.

Adele Earnshaw - "Dipper"  5" x 7" oil on panel

To see the rest of the paintings,  click on this link
This is a piece I did a few weeks ago when I first decided to do 75 for 75.  It's a nuthatch on my apple tree.

     Adele Earnshaw - "Nuthatch"
Purchased paintings will be shipped via the post office, as soon as they're dry - which may take a week or more.  If you would like to purchase more than one, email me before purchasing.  I'll tweak the BUY NOW button so that you only pay shipping for one.

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