Sunday, May 16, 2010

Only one painting today

Some days, painting come easy.  Other days, it's like pulling hen's teeth.  This was one of those days.  I started three different 5 x 7's but wiped them off when I found myself getting too picky.  My goal in painting 75  5" x 7" oils is to become more proficient at quick, painterly bird studies.   These are not supposed to be illustrations but paintings. 

When all else fails, I go back to my roots and paint a chicken...or in this case, a rooster.  I grew up on a poultry farm in New Zealand so if I can't paint a chicken, well then I might as well just hang it up.
I'm pretty happy with the way he turned out.

So I only got one painting done today - but that's's Sunday and I'm tired.  I'm taking the rest of the afternoon off.  I'm off to an artist get-together at my friend,  Susan Kliewer's home.  Susan is a fabulous sculptor.  To see her work, click here.  If I'm not in the mood to paint, then the next best thing is to talk art with a bunch of other artists.

Adele Earnshaw - Rooster
5" x 7" oil on panel


  1. Thanks Pam. The reds are a combination of Vasari permanent bright red and M.Graham's cad orange.
    I mixed a little alizarin crimson into the mix for the darker reds.