Friday, May 16, 2008

Why am I working so hard?

......when I could buy paintings direct from China for a fraction of the time, cost & effort? Geez - I could be shopping at the mall instead of spending each day in the studio!

This is an email received by my sister:

Your website is beautiful, we would like to do business with you.
We are skilled painters in Xiamen China, there are lots of talent painters working together in our studio.We can paint oil painting at every grade of different style, our price and service are very competitive, I am sure you can make more money than before if you buy oil paintings directly from us.
The FOB prices for the paintings in our stock can be USD7/pc for 20x24inch and USD12/pc for 24x36inch, if you are interested in, I can send some photos of our works to you, we also can paint exactly according to your any e-mail pictures, it is very easy to do the international business now, feel free to ask me any question, looking forward to your reply…

1 comment:

  1. let's see, $12 for the large size, and you could sell it for $59.95 I bet, unless the Starving Artists come to town and give you some serious competition. That is a pretty good markup, but you would need to do some volume. Maybe you could wholesale it to someone else for $24, double your money and let them double theirs. Much easier than painting all day! But then, we would be missing out on your work, and Birds in Art would have to find more artists....maybe not!