Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Does anyone want a painting of an armadillo?

I'm painting at the Donnelley Wildlife Management Area (Ace Basin), an hour south of Charleston, South Carolina,  with my artist friends Melanie Fain, Joe Garcia and Virginia Vaughan.    I've never seen an armadillo - until seeing this little guy outside the lodge this morning.  The armadillo scurries around poking his nose into the damp leaves looking for grubs - reminding me very much of a hedgehog in an overcoat.

The spots on the armadillo's armor reminds me of a guinea fowl.  Does anyone want a painting of an armadillo?  I'd love to paint one!


  1. WOuld LOVE one!!! Wanna trade dillos???? Hope you made it home safe and sound!

  2. I think I would prefer a kitty painting to an armadillo painting! ...Unless they make calico armadillos?

  3. Oh doooo paint this armadillo...i cannot recall ever seeing an armadillo painting....I am sure your version would be very interesting....do it!!!!!