Sunday, July 4, 2010

Shane's latest painting...

I'm still in Colorado, having spent the last three days as artist-in-residence at the Walt Horton Fine Art Gallery in Beaver Creek.  The gallery is joined by an interior door with the Paderewski Fine Art Gallery  which carries the work of many of my friends; Lindsay Scott, Grant Hacking, Cole Johnson, Heiner Hertling, Greg Beecham and many more.   The Walt Horton Gallery also represents my friend Mark Eberhard (fabulous and innovative artist) among others,  and showcases Walt Horton's bronzes.  Walt passed away unexpectedly in March but his son, Jesse, is carrying on his father's legacy.  The world lost a great artist and wonderful man.

This oil painting is Shane's latest piece, finished this afternoon.  I am astounded at how quickly his work has progressed.  I love this piece!

I can see that I'm going to have to work a little harder to keep ahead of Shane - or I'm going to be choking on his dust!

The One Less Travelled
5" x 7" oil

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