Thursday, November 18, 2010

Depths of Glory

Depths of Glory by Irving Stone is about the life of Camille Pissaro with Cezanne, Manet, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Monet and other French Impressionists.  I've read it a dozen times, relating to the painter's words of wisdom.

Camille Pissarro is credited with saying, 'Where does this hunger come from, that drives some of us to draw with a ferocity that is equaled only by the necessity to breathe, to eat, to survive"?   "The compulsion to draw and paint was a positive presence.  Was it a gift or a deficiency?  A blessing or a curse?  Were they self-anointed or the chosen?"  

Years ago while painting outside, I told my artist friend about the book and asked, 'are we the self-anointed or the chosen'?  He thought it was the height of conceit that in regards to painting, I would ask if I  (or he) were the chosen? Never would I think that I could be the chosen when it comes to painting ability....only when it comes to the compulsion to paint.  I still wonder if is a curse or a blessing?  

The only thing in life that I put above painting is my family.  Which brings me to my point on today's post. I am delighted to see that my son is similarly afflicted - as Pissaro also said, "how did one explain this rationally to one who was not similarly afflicted?  Where there was no shared language"?   My son and I have a common language.  

He sent me this painting-in-progress this morning.  I love the cow and almost wish he would leave it as is - incomplete.  I love the brush work on the momma cow's back.  Just gorgeous!

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