Friday, December 24, 2010

An unfinished illustration...

I was hoping to have this finished to post this evening, Christmas Eve.  It's not finished - but I like the way it looks so I'm posting it anyway.     This is the second illustration for my book,  No Peanuts for Santa which I hope to have published by late August, 2011.  Though it's the second illustration,  this is for the first page of the book.   The previous post shows my first illustration which will be used for the last page of the book.

Merry Christmas to those that celebrate the occasion and Happy Holidays to those that don't!


  1. Lovely painting, thank you, Adele. And a very Happy New Year to you!

  2. Hi Adele! I'm very excited to have found your blog tonight. I literally stumbled upon it by pushing the "next blog" button repeatedly! I knew who you were right away because I have one of your watercolor books! Anyway, your current work is wonderful! The Santa book is a fantastic idea. I have a peanut allergic grandson. The poem is lovely. You are one talented lady! Carry on!