Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Shane's Project for 2011

My son, Shane Rebenschied, (brilliant illustrator and author - www.blot.com)  has started a new painting project for 2011.  He will paint one painting, in one hour, each day of 2011.   He has a timer taped to his easel - when it says the hour is up, he stops painting.  This is really a good way to stop yourself from 'noodling' - I might have to give it a try.   Shane's project is off to a late start as the hard drive on his computer died on New Year's Eve.  As he's a digital illustrator, he's spent the last three days retrieving illustration projects.

I love his first piece.  He's painting them all the same size - 7" x  7  and he's selling them ALL unframed for $50 each plus shipping.  What a deal!  If you'd like to purchase the painting or follow his daily progress go to his website, www.1by1by1.com    There's a link on his website for a source for 7" x 7" frames.  

Shane Rebenschied - January 1st
Oil on board
$50 + $6 shipping

To purchase this painting, go to Shane's website:

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