Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Making a Watercolor Sketchbook

I often work in a watercolor sketchbook when traveling.  I've tried different watercolor sketchbooks over the years and couldn't find one with decent paper so I resorted to making my own. I've learned there are some major advantages to this - mainly that if I wait until I get back from my trip before having the paper bound into a book, I can leave out the paintings I didn't finish or I didn't like! I can also arrange the pages in the order I like.

I'm teaching a workshop in New Zealand next February.  I've posted instructions for my students on how to make a watercolor sketchbook on my workshop blog.  If you're interested, check out "Making a Watercolor Journal" post at

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  1. That sounds great! Good luck with the workshop in New Zealand, sounds really cool. I also agree with you on keeping a watercolor sketchbook when traveling, it just makes things so much easier, you know?Unfortunately, for me, I tried clicking on the link various times, and blogger couldn't open it up for some strange reason....