Friday, September 2, 2011

One of the reasons I've been painting the 5" x 7" oil studies for my 75 for $75 project is to give me ideas for larger pieces.  The little owl painting is one of my studies that sold a month or two ago.  It inspired the larger (still unfinished) 12" x 9" owl with moon. I've still got to add the fence post the owl is sitting on, then it will be done.  As with the little studies, I'm not going to do much more detail on the owl. I like seeing the brush strokes - it gives it a more painterly feel.

5" x 7" Great Horned Owl, Oil study

Not quite finished 'Vantage Point'
12" x 9" oil on board
This painting can be seen at Walt Horton Fine Art Gallery in Beaver Creek, Colorado.