Saturday, May 26, 2012

Work in Progress

This is an unfinished 20" x 20" oil, work-in-progress, titled, 'Low Clouds Over Buffalo'.  It's a view of Buffalo Mountain from Silverthorne, Colorado. 

Step 1:  The colors felt a little dreary so I sat the painting aside for the rest of the day and thought about it.

Step 2:  I decided to really push the blues in the painting but struggled with the trees as they were competing with the mountain.

Step 3:  I simplified the trees and got rid of many of the tree trunks.  Tomorrow I will push the clouds by making them stronger and bluer - then will finish the foreground.  I've used this brand of gessoed linen before (Centurion, pre-stretched) but I don't like the slick surface.  However once I have an underpainting down, it is fun to work on. 

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