Sunday, April 21, 2013

Back Road

I love painting roads - maybe because I like travelling but I think it might be a compositional thing as a road is a handy tool to lead your eye into a painting.  When painting on location, if there's no road in the foreground, I'll often suggest a path if the composition is a little lacking.  A good example is a 24"' x 36" oil I did a few years ago, Soft Rain Falling.  This is one of the few paintings I've kept.  It hangs in my living in New Zealand to remind me of some happy painting trips in the hills of San Diego County.

Soft Rain Falling
24" x 36" oil on gessoed board

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  1. I'm so happy you posted an image of "Soft Rain Falling," it is one of my favorite paintings. When it was hanging in the gallery in Santa Ysabel I would have bought it if I could have afforded it. The red violet under layer peaking through the grass in the foreground gives it a lovely sense of subtle glow to the the muted grass and the clouds give it so much mood. It inspires my work.