Friday, April 4, 2014

My Watercolor From the Collection of Orson Welles

I was fortunate to live in Sedona, Arizona for 35 years before returning to New Zealand.  While there, I became friends with Beatrice Welles, daughter of Orson Welles and his wife (Beatrice's mother) Paola.  Since Beatrice's mother passed away, the Welles' belongings have been in storage. Now Beatrice has the sad job of sorting through everything. You may have seen or heard Beatrice being interviewed in the past few days regarding her Dad's estate, including Citizen Kane memorabilia, that is going up for auction. There's a fascinating interview with Beatrice where she discusses life with her famous father and the upcoming auction, that you can read here:   and here:

More information here:

Beatrice contacted me a few months ago, after finding my little watercolor in her parent's collection and asked if one of my collector's might be interested in purchasing it. It is a watercolor on board, 5.5" x 7". The painting will include a personal note from Beatrice giving the provenance of the watercolor and that the painting was purchased by Orson Welles for his wife, Paola.

Pine Cone
from the collection of Orson and Paola Welles' estate
Watercolor on board, 1980, by Adele Earnshaw
$425 unframed


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