Thursday, January 31, 2019

Just Keep Painting!

My son, Shane Rebenschied, is a full-time illustrator. He does mainly book covers but also advertising and magazines.  His work leaves little time for fun painting, so at the beginning of this year, he started a painting project called Just Keep Painting. He made a commitment to do a painting a day for all of 2019. Wow - that's 365 pieces! He's keeping them small - 6" x 8" or thereabouts so that he can complete one in an hour or two each morning. He's posting them on his website,  Just Keep Painting, where they're available for sale at US$100 each plus $10 shipping. They're of varied subject matter - landscapes from both New Zealand (where he and his family live) and North America, architectural and animals. He started this project to experiment, to explore different techniques and painting tools such as brushes and painting surfaces. The first 31 pieces from January are up - so take a look!

"The Beetles Home"
8" x 6" oil on gessoed panel
$100 plus $10 shipping

Shane's ten year old daughter named the first 31 pieces. There are some cute titles!  

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