Thursday, January 24, 2008

"Journey into Night"


Perhaps I should give a brief history first, besides what you will read in my profile. I started painting full-time, self-supporting (though very marginally those first years) as a watercolorist about 20 years ago. Ten years ago, I started painting outside in oil just for fun, and because I believed that 'real artists paint outside in oil'. My studio work continued to be watercolor.

More than a year ago, the Painting Gods changed my life. I fell on an outstretched right hand (my painting hand!) and found out a few weeks later that I had a distal radial fracture. I quickly discovered that the splint on my arm prevented the wrist action that I needed to paint in watercolor...however, I COULD paint in oil!

By the time my wrist healed, I was a convert.

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