Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Time of Day

I like painting landscapes that give me a feeling of time of day. This 7" x 7" could be anywhere where egret are found. It is called, 'Day is Done' - though it is a name I've used a time or two before. After twenty-plus years of painting full time, sometimes I just run out of titles!

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  1. Hi Adele,
    I met you at Charleston (our booths were next to each other) and I just wanted to tell you that your oil paintings are exquisite! Especially the three pieces you did for this year's SEWE. I hope you do larger ones of these, they would look fabulous in a large format. I hope you are doing well. I see that you are in Legacy Contemporary. I'm planning to move out of California and trying to decide where.
    Take care,
    Liz Lesperance