Friday, October 30, 2009

Sedona Plein Air Festival week's been a long week.  It started with glorious weather but by Wednesday we were painting in a snow storm.  Well...snow flurries, perhaps - but snow nevertheless.

This morning, the artists gather at L'Auberge - here in Sedona - for a 'quick-draw'.  Last year I painted the a couple eating breakfast at the outdoor creek side restaurant.  This year, I doubt anyone will be eating outside!  Still too chilly.

These are three of the six pieces I have done this week.

8" x 8"  "Local Color"

8" x 8"  "Quince - Warm Refuge on a Cold Day"
(Jerome, Arizona)


9" x 12"  "Sedona's Best"
Oak Creek Market and 'Sedona's Best' ice-cream parlor in uptown Sedona

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  1. Hi Adele. Just came across your blog and saw the beautiful work here. Love the color and life you put into every piece. Looks like you are busy but having great fun painting. Best of luck next week in Easton!

    Karen Latham