Monday, October 5, 2009

Tip for cleaning brushes....

This morning, I was cruising (or is it surfing?) around the internet, checking the blogs of some of my favorite artists. Among them is Carol Marine.

Check out her 'painting a day' oils. Clean, vibrant color and great compositions.

Anyway, she has a great brush cleaning tip that I'd like to share:

Murphy's Oil Soap! It leaves brushes nice and soft, AND you can put old, dry, caked up brushes in a jar of it for 24 hours, wash them like normal, and every last bit of paint comes off.

Hope Carol doesn't mind that I lifted this off her blog and partially quoted her. I did leave out the bit that 'it smells good' as I cannot stand the smell of the stuff. In spite of the awful smell, I'm running out today to buy a large bottle. Finally I can save some brushes that I forgot to clean.

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