Sunday, December 4, 2011

An Oil Study for Today!

I didn't think I'd get one done.  It was one of those days that you can read about in today's earlier post.  But painting the little 4" x 6" bunny on a completely different surface that I've been used to, inspired me. Perhaps painting birds has me temporarily birded out. So I decided to take a break and paint some critters. I took an old 75/75 painting dud that never made it to the project, sanded it really smooth, sprayed it with some retouch varnish and decided to paint another rabbit.

Like the oil-primed linen panel that I used on today's previous bun, this super-smooth surface was fun!  Though the painting looks detailed, it isn't.  I painted it - smoothed the edges with my little magic watercolor-mop-brush and it was done.  I like it.

216 - Rabbit
7" x 5" oil study on board, unframed
$75 plus $6 shipping within the U.S.


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