Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Today's Study is a Bald Eagle in Flight

I've been on a cloud-painting kick.  When my son was a little kid and we'd be on a road trip,  we often talked about the color of the landscape, especially clouds.  I would ask, 'if you could cut out a piece of that cloud and put it on a piece of white paper, what color would it be'?  When asked to analyze the color, he'd realize the 'white' cloud was actually yellow, brown or even green.  Any surprise he also earns his living as an artist?  www.blot.com

I'm still intrigued with the color of clouds so today's oil is a cloud study - with a bald eagle.  Hope you like it! 

229 - Bald Eagle in Flight
7" x 5" oil study on board, unframed
$75plus $6 shipping within the U.S.


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