Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Boats of Opua - "The Gannet"

I started a painting project a while ago and now that I'm back at home in Opua, New Zealand, I'll do some more boat pieces for the project titled, The Boats of Opua.  Opua is usually the first port of call for yachts sailing the Pacific. This is where they go through biosecurity and immigration. It is also a great place for armchair sailors like me to wander around the docks...admiring the boats, wondering where they're going and where they've been.

This is the Gannet, from Falmouth, Maine.  I saw this yacht a few months ago, so perhaps by now it has sailed on to another port. When the painting is dry, I'll paint the name on the boat.

The Boats of Opua 4 - "The Gannet"
Original oil on gessoed board, 8" x 6" unframed
US $125 plus $10 shipping


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