Thursday, October 30, 2014

Great Blue Heron

Today's little oil study is a Great Blue Heron.  My goal in doing this  current batch of oil studies is to get better at softening edges. So much for soft edges on this piece! It fought me all the way - so I left the edges harder than I wanted and spent way too much time on it.  I do these quick studies in order to progress as a painter and sometimes it doesn't come as easily as I want it to.  Though I'm happy with the final piece as a painting - it's not the soft-edged study I had envisioned.

On my monitor, the image is bluer than the actual painting.  The image looks more accurate on my website here:

310 - Great Blue Heron
7" x 5" oil on panel, unframed
US$ 85 plus $8 shipping


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