Friday, October 3, 2014

New Work Heading for Santa Ysabel Gallery

The Santa Ysabel Gallery in, where else but Santa Ysabel, California,  is having their umpteenth annual plein air group show.  It might be the 18th year but I've lost track having participated in most of them.  It opens with an opening reception on October 11th. The show will hang until November 16th. Annie Rowley, gallery owner, insists that these paintings must be strictly plein air (painted on location in 'the open air).

This year Annie has added a twist to the show and  asked each artist to also bring something different, such as a sketch.  As I've been experimenting in my studio work with removing layers by scraping and sanding, then painting over the exposed texture, I decided to do something along these lines for my sketchy piece.  Beneath the Landscape was originally painted plein air in South Carolina in 2010 but not quite finished so I stuck it away in a cupboard and forgot about it. Thinking of the scraping/sanding paint removal that I've been having fun with, I removed some of the paint and found an ethereal landscape underneath.  I like the process and the outcome so perhaps this will lead to other things.

Beneath the Landscape
8" x 8" oil on Ampersand Cradleboard
Available at Santa Ysabel Gallery

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  1. Adel I Loved this Idea, I know we all as artists have projects begun in different mediums. Left to the wayside in hopes of some day finishing. Get back to brass tax and get r done :) thanks for the post Adel