Sunday, October 19, 2014


This is a 12" x 9" oil of my favorite kitty model, Mouser. Unfortunately Mouser passed away a few years ago but I still love to paint her.  She spent a lot of time looking at the wall - which made her an even better model.

12" x 9" oil on gessoed board

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Little Oil for The Waterfowl Festival

I've exhibited my work at the Waterfowl Festival in Easton, Maryland for about 28 years. It's a huge event - and it isn't just paintings of waterfowl. The show benefits conservation projects for the Chesapeake and Eastern Shore, including school projects, habitat restoration and planting grains for the Canada Geese.  It's not uncommon for the show to attract as many as 40,000 people over the weekend. The entire town is involved - so there is lots to see and do. If you come to the Waterfowl Festival, you'll find me, with my work, in the Armory.

This is one of the little oils I'll bring with me.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Just Around the Bend

Maybe I should have titled this piece, I'm Going Around the Bend'. This small 10" x 8" oil is one of the many roads that winds through Ace Basin, about an hour south of Charleston, South Carolina. It is one of my favorite places to paint because of the muted colors of the landscape. This piece is heading for Horton Hayes Fine Art Gallery in Charleston, South Carolina for a show titled Atmosphere, opening November 7th - and yes, I will attend the opening!

Just Around the Bend
10" x 8" oil on panel
Horton Hayes Fine Art Gallery, Charleston, SC

Friday, October 3, 2014

New Work Heading for Santa Ysabel Gallery

The Santa Ysabel Gallery in, where else but Santa Ysabel, California,  is having their umpteenth annual plein air group show.  It might be the 18th year but I've lost track having participated in most of them.  It opens with an opening reception on October 11th. The show will hang until November 16th. Annie Rowley, gallery owner, insists that these paintings must be strictly plein air (painted on location in 'the open air).

This year Annie has added a twist to the show and  asked each artist to also bring something different, such as a sketch.  As I've been experimenting in my studio work with removing layers by scraping and sanding, then painting over the exposed texture, I decided to do something along these lines for my sketchy piece.  Beneath the Landscape was originally painted plein air in South Carolina in 2010 but not quite finished so I stuck it away in a cupboard and forgot about it. Thinking of the scraping/sanding paint removal that I've been having fun with, I removed some of the paint and found an ethereal landscape underneath.  I like the process and the outcome so perhaps this will lead to other things.

Beneath the Landscape
8" x 8" oil on Ampersand Cradleboard
Available at Santa Ysabel Gallery

Monday, September 22, 2014

A Little Cow for Westcliffe

I'm back in the U.S. and heading for Art for the Sangres, in Westcliffe, Colorado.  This little guy is one of ten paintings that I'll be exhibiting at the one afternoon and evening show on September 27th.

10" x 8" oil on gessoed panel


Friday, September 12, 2014

A Crooked Mile

This is one of the paintings that I'll be exhibiting at Horton Hayes Gallery in Charleston, South Carolina for the group show, Atmosphere. The opening reception will be Friday, November  7th. 

A Crooked Mile
22" x 12" oil on linen

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Little Landscapes

Since I moved back to New Zealand almost two years ago, I've been intrigued with the ever-changing landscape that I see out my south-west facing windows. I live in the Bay of Islands - which is on the east coast of the northern part of the North Island. I think the distant hills I am seeing are across the Waikare Inlet on the Russell Peninsula, but regardless, the hills and sky never look the same.  This is a quick little oil of the view, painted plein air from my bedroom window.  I'd like to paint a series of oils from the same spot to show how different the view is from day to day. This is the first - and perhaps the last. We'll see!

Looking South #1
7" x 7" oil on panel

Eva's World Challenge Project - Ruru

New Zealand has a wonderful little native owl called Ruru, also known as Morepork.  At night, in areas of farmland and native bush, you'll hear Ruru calling back and forth to each other, along with the occasional screech of the possum - and in my part of New Zealand, you will also hear the nocturnal call of the Kiwi.

Eva is my fourteen year old granddaughter. This is her second painting in her World Challenge Project. She is selling her watercolors to earn money for an adventure expedition to Cambodia and Laos next year.  While there, she and other students will be working on humanitarian projects such as teaching English and building water systems.

Ruru is painted on handmade watercolor paper and is matted with a single mat. The image is 4.5" x 2.5" and is in a 7" x 5" single acid-free mat which will fit a standard size frame.

Eva's World Challenge Project #2
Watercolor, 4.5" x 2.5"  image in a 7" x 5" mat
US $20 plus $5 mailing costs


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Eva's World Challenge Project #1

My fourteen year old granddaughter, Eva, has been drawing for years and working in watercolor since she was twelve.  Eva has committed to an international trip with World Travel Adventure Expeditions and will be traveling to Cambodia and Laos. While there, she will visit local communities, trek through native jungles and work on projects for native villages. She and other students will be installing clean water systems, working on building projects and and teaching English.  Eva is responsible for raising all of her travel, lodging and food costs. What better way for her to raise money than with her art?

I offered to help Eva by posting her paintings here on my blog, making them available to those of you who have been collecting my work for years. You may have also purchased some of her Dad's paintings (my illustrator son, Shane). Shane and family also live in New Zealand.

This is Eva's small and delicate little watercolor of a New Zealand native tui in a kowhai tree. It is painted on handmade watercolor paper and is matted with a single mat. The image is 4.5" x 2.5" and is in a 7" x 5" single acid-free mat which will fit a standard size frame.

Eva's World Challenge Project #1 
New Zealand Tui
4.5" x 2.5" image  7" x 5" mat size
US$ 20.00 plus $5 mailing charge

but please come back - Eva is a dedicated painter and will be doing more!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


I always like to do paintings in pairs, so this is another cute piece to go with last week's Sweet Bun'.  Tilly is also 7" x 7" and is framed the identically to Sweet Bun.  My neighbor has three free-range chooks (New Zealand slang for chicken) who occasionally come to visit me. They inspired the painting.

7" x 7" oil on board