Monday, July 12, 2010

Why is it so difficult to get back to work?

I returned home a few days ago after spending two weeks in Colorado.  I worked while I was there - painting in the Walt Horton Gallery over the Fourth of July weekend - but I must admit that I took a lot of time off.  I half-heartedly painted outside a day or two but most of the time, I just took it easy.  It's OK to take time off - but why is it so difficult to get back to work?

This is the third day I've spent in the studio trying to get motivated.  Pick up the brush - apply a bit of paint - put down the brush - wander over to the computer to check my email - back to the easel - another few brush strokes - get up and wander around again.  I've got work to do for galleries!  I've got a show coming up at the end of September (Art for the Sangres, Westcliffe, Colorado), and I've got another project starting in three days - though not at the breakneck rate of the last 75 for 75 project.  I'll just do one or two 5" x 7"s daily instead of three or four.  This time, instead of painting bird studies, I'll be painting subject matter that I've always wanted to paint but haven't had the opportunity (a few figurative pieces,  perhaps?) and I won't paint anything that competes with my work in galleries.  These paintings will be studies, which gives me the liberty of using the idea for a larger, more refined painting for a gallery.    As an additional challenge, I'll paint alphabetically.  This will force me to get out of my comfort zone because the purpose for these projects is to become a better painter.

Shane (my son - a professional illustrator) will be joining me again in this project but I think he's sticking to landscapes.

In the meantime, this is a special request piece that I just finished for the 75 for 75 project.  It's on HOLD, but if you'd also like a roadrunner, let me know!

Adele Earnshaw - Roadrunner #2
5" x 7" oil on board

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