Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Life is never dull...

Since my last blog post I was in Spain and Italy for almost three weeks where I taught a workshop in Tuscany with Joe Garcia.  There wasn't any time to recover from jet lag when I packed the car and headed off to Art for the Sangres in Westcliffe, Colorado.  This year my son, Shane went with me for five days of non-stop art talk, reference gathering and plein air painting with my artist sister, Joanne Hanson and artist-buddy Joe Garcia.  Shane has written about the trip on his blog.  We stopped to visit the galleries in Taos and Santa Fe on the way home.  The paintings of Michael Workman and Douglas Fryer stood out above all the other work I saw in a one-afternoon dash through the Santa Fe galleries.

"Native Color" by Adele Earnshaw
9" x 12" oil
available at Windrush Gallery

On the drive home, Shane and I were discussing the 10,000 times concept.  Malcolm Gladwell (The Outliers) points out that in order to become successful at anything, you must do it 10,000 times.  This is the idea behind the project 75 for  75 (75 paintings in 75 days) that Shane I started in July.  I told Shane that every time I paint, I am acutely aware how much this little project has helped improve my painting skills...primarily in backgrounds.  So Shane has challenged me to start the project again on October 6th.  
I must be daft as it is a busy month anyway, but I've agreed to the challenge and will start it again next week.  We will both try to get at least one 5" x 7" oil done each day and will post them here and on the 75 for 75  page of my website.  I'll be painting birds again as I've had lots of requests for specific species. 
Shane will paint landscapes and perhaps a doggy or two.   

"La Musica de la Calle" by Adele Earnshaw
10" x 8" oil 
This painting will be in the exhibition Faces & Figures, 
Santa Ysabel Gallery, October 9 - November 7.
(see gallery listing on the right)

Tomorrow I hope to blog about the Tuscany workshop! 


  1. Wow, both Workman and Fryer's works are quite something. Thanks for the links. Isn't it amazing who much great work there is out there! Discoveries all over the place. Such inspiration, even for a guy like me, who doesn't paint.

  2. I never think of you as someone who 'doesn't paint'. We're all painters, even though you use a pencil!

  3. I look forward to going up for the exhibition. :)