Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bird Study - Tui in Cherry Blossoms

In the northern part of New Zealand, Taiwan Cherry trees have been blooming everywhere.  DOC (the NZ Department of Conservation) regards them as an invasive species and would rather they be eliminated. They naturalize and spread into the bush, displacing natives trees but the native Tui and Pigeon them love! For the past week or two, there have been dozens of tuis in a large Taiwan Cherry that I can see from my window. The back of my house is elevated 20 feet above the surrounding bush so I've also been seeing the large pigeons zip past the windows with several tuis in hot pursuit. The song of the tui is beautiful - so you can imagine how two or three dozen sound when they're all singing at once.  I am in heaven!

298 - Tui in Cherry Blossoms
7" x 5" oil study on panel, unframed
US $85 plus $7 shipping


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