Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Battle of Fading Light...and more

 Shane worked on this painting last night.  I love the light on the distant hills!   I managed to get three done today, making a significant dent in the number of pieces left to do for our project.  To see the rest of the work in our 75 for 75 project, click on this link, which will take you to the 75 for 75 page on my website.

Shane Rebenschied - The Battle of Fading Light
5" x 7" oil on board

Adele Earnshaw - Robin
5" x 7"  oil on panel

I thoroughly enjoyed painting this snowy owl.  He was the last painting of the day and just jumped right off the brush.
Adele Earnshaw - Snowy Owl
7" x 5" oil on board

And finally, another mourning dove!  

Adele Earnshaw - Mourning Dove #3
5" X 7" oil on board

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  1. "Robin"... the best so far! Great work. You must be having such fun.