Friday, June 4, 2010

Two pieces for today

Shane and I both have one 5" x 7" oil for today for the 75 for $75 project.  This is actually Shane's painting for yesterday.  Today, Shane and Marla are celebrating their wedding anniversary, so he won't be painting today!

Wow!  I'm really impressed with the progression Shane is making in his landscapes.  But as he's been a digital artist for many years, he's just changing his medium.  You can see his commercial illustrations at

Shane Rebenschied - Wishing Never Works
5" x 7" oil on board

My painting for today is an Anna's Hummingbird.  Do you know how to tell the difference, at a distance, between an Anna's  and a Broad-tailed hummingbird?  Besides the obvious red head on the male Anna's - you can tell by the sound.  A broad-tailed hummingbird makes a metallic buzz when it flies and the Anna's flight is quiet. 

Adele Earnshaw - Anna's Hummingbird
5" x 7"  oil on panel

We've now done 45 paintings since May 15th for our 75 for $75 project.  Why are we doing the project?  Shane wanted to get back into oil painting and I wanted to get really good at painting little bird studies with a more painterly approach.  And what better way to get better at something than to do it 10,000 times?  As Shane said, 12 down - 9,988 to go!

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