Wednesday, June 9, 2010

* sigh * It was one of those days...

Some days, painting is like pulling hen's teeth.  I bounced out of bed eager to get to work in the studio, started a couple of mourning doves then turped out when I found myself getting too noodley.   I'm doing the 75 for 75 project to loosen up, not to noodle a painting to death.  So after a couple of false starts, I painted a little sanderling.

Perhaps I had trouble painting today because I had my mind on other things.   Barcelona.  In early September, Joe Garcia and I are teaching a workshop in Tuscany.  Joe and his wife Anne, and I have been trying to decide where we'd like to spend a week prior to the workshop.  So I spent an hour online this morning, trying to find a place to stay in Barcelona.  The last time we taught in Tuscany, we spent a week in Riomaggiore (Cinque Terre on the west coast of Italy) and a week in Montelciano, a hilltop town.  So this time, we've voted for renting an air-conditioned apartment in the center of Barcelona.  Bueno!

I doubt that Shane will be able to do a piece for the project today.  When I spoke to him earlier he was bogged down with commercial work.

To see the 56 paintings in our 75 for $75 project, click on this link.   We've got 19 to go in six days?
I'm starting to sweat!!

 Adele Earnshaw
5" x 7"  oil on board



  1. I have had a "sigh" day, also. But I found your blog and saw all of the 5x7's you and your son have done. They are diamonds in my day.
    So beautiful and pleasing to look at. Happy painting. The both of you have obviously worked very hard to be able to turn out work with such skill and feeling. Susan Gutting

  2. Just as well you did four yesterday! I had never heard of a Sanderling before, so it was nice to see what one looks like.

  3. Susan, thanks for the nice comments. Nothing like announcing a commitment to the world to make us keep our noses to the grindstone!