Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Come and see my New Zealand!

Joe Garcia and I have been asked to do a late-summer Painting Holiday in my home country of New Zealand.  This is in the planning stages - it's still not definite - but I'm putting it out there to see how much interest we have.

Notice I said, 'we've been asked to DO a painting holiday' - not teach a painting holiday!  Unlike our traditionally structured painting workshops where we spend the day in the studio with only one or two excursions to paint on location, this will be a laid-back holiday and our studio will be the beaches, islands and rain forests of the Kowhai Coast - the part of New Zealand where I spent my childhood.  Joe and I will be there to give you individual instruction if you want it, or you can go off on your own and we'll see your work at the end of the day. We'll be painting too - you can choose to watch if you like. We'll work in both transparent and opaque watercolor, completing small paintings that you can have bound into sketch books at the end of the trip, such as the watercolor sketch books that Joe and I have painted in different parts of the world. 

We will provide the painting locations, picnic lunches, informal art discussions on everything from composition to galleries, assistance and critiques.   Unlike painting workshops where your traveling companion has to find something to do while you're in class, our excursions are also for non-painters.  They can swim, hike, photograph or just enjoy the scenery while you are painting.  We also hope to visit the studios of local artists, watch a sheep dog demonstration, visit a winery or two, and see a part of New Zealand you usually don't see as a tourist.  My sister will also accompany us to serve as guide and translator  ; )

A page from Joe's New Zealand sketch book

WHEN:  February 27 - March 4, 2012. (16 months from now)  This is the end of NZ's summer.  
WHERE:  One hour north of Auckland, North Island, New Zealand  (near the town of Warkworth)

MEALS:  We will provide all breakfasts, lunches and 4 of 7 dinners, which will be typical New Zealand fare.  (we can provide gluten-free meals at our retreat)
EXCURSIONS:  We will provide transportation to and from the airport, to and from our daily painting locations, sightseeing, the glass bottom boat at Goat Island and the launch trip to and from Kawau Island.
ACCOMMODATION:  We will stay in five 2 bedroom/2 bathroom guest cottages, grouped together.  Each cottage has its own living area and kitchen.   Standard price is for double accommodation, two per bedroom in either twins or king bed. Every bedroom has a private bathroom.   Single accommodation is available for a slightly higher price.

A page from my New Zealand sketch book

There are several things I must do on every trip home to New Zealand that I hope to share with you.
*  Have fish and chips at the Leigh fish & chip shop (still served wrapped in newspaper)
*  Go out at night to listen for the moreporks (a native owl) and look for the Southern Cross.
*  Walk the rocks at Buckleton Beach at low tide
*  Swim in the warm water of the South Pacific
*  Stand in the bush (rain forest) and call in Piwakawaka (fantails).
*  Listen for Kiwi at night
*  Go to a Maori concert

We're looking into some optional trips for non-painters such as snorkeling at Goat Island.  (Goat Island is a marine reserve known for fabulous snorkeling and diving)

So start saving your pennies, pack your paints, togs (swimsuit) and jandals (flip-flops), and come with us to New Zealand!   If you are interested, please email at adele.earnshaw@gmail.com.

Not provided in the fee:  Airfare, wine or liquor with the exception of the first dinner (but we'll stop at the market so that you can buy your own),  Maori concert,  transportation to Warkworth if you cannot be at Auckland airport for the two pre-arranged meeting times, three restaurant dinners.

The cost for the workshop is not fixed at this time and may go up or down.

FLASH!  We have 15 students tentatively signed up.  This means we only have 4 more spaces available...so the painting holiday is definitely ON!

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