Thursday, October 7, 2010

Only 10 am and my painting today is already finished!

Today's painting for the 75 for 75 project is a hummingbird - it  could be either a ruby-throated hummingbird (found in the east) or a broad-tailed hummingbird (found in the west).  They're very similar and I don't have enough detail in the painting to show the subtle differences.   When hummingbirds are displaying or keeping other hummers away from the feeder, they remind me of X-Wing fighters from Star Wars - such wonderful little acrobats.

This painting illustrates the reason I'm doing the 75 for 75 project.  I can be more daring - more painterly with nothing more to lose than a little time and paint.  If the painting doesn't work - it's OK as I don't have much time invested in it.  Because of this, I find myself being much braver with the paintbrush, using a brush loaded with paint and laying down thick, broad brushstrokes.  I love painting this way!

The photo is not the best.  As I just finished painting it about 15 minutes ago, it's very wet therefore hard to photograph because of the glare.  When it's dry, I'll scan it and post a better image.

Adele Earnshaw - Hummingbird #7
5" x 7"oil on panel
$75 + $6 shipping priority mail


To see the rest of the paintings in the 75 for 75 project that my son and have been doing, go to my website, by clicking on this link.