Friday, October 8, 2010

A little more on New Zealand (scroll down for today's 75 for 75)

If you're looking for today's 75 for 75 paintings, scroll down a bit for today's earlier post.

A few days ago,  on Tuesday October 5th to be exact, I announced that Joe Garcia and I have been asked to do a Painting Holiday in the part of New Zealand where I grew up.  Here it is, Friday October 8, and the trip is close to being full!  Wow - I think we've broken all records!

Just in case you're interested, I'm posting a bit more information about it.  Today I came across a few blog entries written by an American writer visiting the Matakana area, where we're staying on our painting holiday.  When you get to the bottom of the page, make sure you click on older entries so that you see a couple more posts about the Matakana area.  I particularly liked his post 'Drinking Wine With the Sun Gods' about a visit with John Crone, winemaker and owner of Hyperion we hope to visit on our painting holiday.

Some have asked if non-painters can come on the trip.  Unlike painting workshops where your spouse/partner/traveling companion may be bored to tears while you're in class, our daily excursions to the bush, beaches and islands of New Zealand's Kowhai Coast offer plenty for painters and non-painters alike. Almost all the places we'll be visiting have great hiking trails.  One afternoon will be spent at Goat Island, where after a trip on the glass bottom boat, the artists in the group can paint for a few hours.  Non-artists can rent snorkeling equipment and see the most amazing marine life as Goat Island has been a protected marine reserve for 30 years.  Diving lessons are also available.   On the following day, we'll take the launch out to Kawau Island we'll spend four hours paintings, exploring and hiking.  After returning to the mainland, perhaps we'll visit a few wineries before heading back to our Retreat for dinner.  After dark those who are interested can come with me to the top of Morrison's Hill where we'll look for the Southern Cross and listen for Moreporks (a native owl) or ruru.  Shortly after dark, if you're in the right location, you'll hear moreporks calling and answering each other.....more-pork....more-pork.  This is the sound of the New Zealand bush at night - and when I know I'm really home.  

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