Monday, July 25, 2011

New Paintings for Walt Horton Fine Art Gallery

Walt Horton Fine Art Gallery is one of the seven galleries that carry my work.  The gallery is right next to Paderewski Fine Art - a great location in the Beaver Creek Plaza with the ice rink right outside the door and lots of upscale shops.  (Beaver Creek is very near Vail on I-70 west of Denver).   Larissa, manager of the gallery, tells me that the occasional bear wanders in to the Plaza to raid the trash cans!  I'm not surprised as the Rockies come almost to the entrance of the Plaza.

These are some of the new pieces I just delivered to the gallery.  Keeping the sluggish economy in mind, these are all smaller pieces.  But if art sales are to the economy as a canary is to a mine, then  I would say the economy has turned around as my sales have been really good. 

The gallery-wrapped/unframed dogs are 8" x 8" and the framed pieces are all 7" x 7".   I'll be dropping off another four 7" x 7" - all aspen paintings, to the gallery on my way back in Arizona next week.


  1. Adele, your animals are GREAT! Love the moose and bighorn sheep.

  2. Love your work! That little fawn is adorable.