Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Two new pieces off the easel

The bear piece is called, 'Walk the Walk'.....and the fox is "Watch & Wait". Both are 8 x 10 oils done for the show in Breckenridge next week.

Last summer, a huge black bear had his way with my trash can and apricot tree - then left bear poop all over my lawn.....full of apricot pits. I hesitate to use the correct term, 'bear scat' as it looked like it had been fired out of a cannon. Obviously, the huge quantity of apricots he consumed didn't sit well with his GI tract.


  1. Adele,

    Those are absolutely beautiful! I love the light.

  2. Hi Adele,
    So fun to find your blog! Last I saw you was in Fallbrook, booths next to each other. I've since focused only on oils. Love this painting of your bear..my neighbor had a yearling in her crab apple tree last fall. By week's end it looked like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree! Best wishes, Jennifer