Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Boats of Opua - The Nola

I spotted this sailboat coming into Opua the same day I watched Rock and Roll Star (#9) arrive.  It was a pretty smooth day but I like painting choppy water so I exaggerated just a bit.  I think the name of this boat is Nola, but it was a bit too far away for me to be positive.  Have I mentioned that I just love painting boats! This is the 12th painting is my Boats of Opua project. Eighteen to go and then I'll start painting some bigger nautical pieces.

The Boats of Opua - The Nola
8" x 6" oil on gessoed board, unframed
US$125 plus $8 shipping


If you are interested in buying this or any of my other boat paintings, just click on the BUY NOW Paypal button. Paypal is easy to do. If you're in New Zealand, Paypal will do the currency conversion and charge you in NZ dollars.  If you would rather not pay through Paypal, just email me or send me a message through my blog and we'll make other arrangements.

Whether you are in New Zealand or the United States, I will mail the painting to you when it is dry.  This may take up to a couple of weeks, depending on the weather! If it is humid, it'll take longer to dry but I'll keep you posted and will email you when I mail it and try to give you an idea of the arrival date. Thank you!

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