Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shane's new piece - Gone Without a Whisper

Shane finished this little gem this evening.....'Gone Without a Whisper'.    It's a beautiful piece.  I like the way he's handled the shadows on the road in the foregrounds - the dappled light is nice, and the figures in the distance are intriguing.   Shane's titles aren't just pulled from a hat - he uses them to further the story that the painting suggests.  You can see more of his work (and titles) at

Shane Rebenschied - "Gone Without a Whisper"
7" x 5" oil on board
$75  + 6 shipping, unframed



  1. That kid is getting good! Oh, he's not a kid any more? He's 30 something...time flies!!

  2. 30 something is right! He's 35 with three kids of his own!

  3. And they're for sale if you want them. Cheap!