Friday, August 6, 2010

We're Clearing the Easel !! $25 off $75

Shane and I have reduced the price on more than 20  5" x 7" oil studies that have been on my website for more than 30 days....we don't want them gathering dust.    We're continuing to add new pieces every day (well, almost every day) to our 75 for 75 project that will still sell for $75.  You can see them on my website by by clicking on this link where I have moved the unsold pieces to the first page.   You can see more of Shane's work on his blog.

Check out some of the studies still unsold!

Shane Rebenschied - "Tomorrow's Yesterday"
5" x 7" oil on board
$50 + $6 shipping, unframed

Shane Rebenschied - 'The Battle of Fading Light'
5" x 7"  oil on board

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