Thursday, August 19, 2010

Three pieces for 75 for 75

I'm leaving in less than a week to teach a workshop in I'm making a concentrated effort to tidy the studio before I go.   I found three unfinished 5 x 7 oils that I started prior to the beginning of the project.  I took a fresh look at them, tweaked them a bit and they're done.

Adele Earnshaw - Gambel's Quail #2
5 x 7 oil on board

Adele Earnshaw - Mourning Dove #5
7" x 5" oil on board
$75 + 6 shipping, unframed



  1. Wow, Adele. The mourning dove is very nicely done! Love that one.

  2. The mourning dove and the quail are my faves...
    you just have this way with birds!