Saturday, August 7, 2010

WOW! Nice painting, Shane!

 I'm going to be choking on Shane's dust before too long.  He just sent me an image of this beautiful  5" x 7" oil titled 'Wishful Thinking'.   I've talked him out of putting it on our 75 for $75 project as it is much more than a study - and he put quite a bit of time in it.    * cough *

The price for the painting is $150, unframed.  If it doesn't sell in two weeks, he'll lower it to $100.

Shane Rebenschied - "Wishful Thinking"
5" x 7"  oil on board
$150  unframed + $6 shipping

Take a minute to check out our oil studies on the 75 for $75 page of my website.   We've reduced the price from $75 to $50 on more than 20 pieces that have been on the 75 for 75 page for more than 30 days.  (unframed + $6 shipping)

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  1. love this thoughtful and hopeful doggie, and the way your paintings depict light so beautifully! Inspiration!!