Saturday, May 28, 2011

Posting Tomorrow's Painting Today - Great Horned Owl

Just in case I don't have time to get a piece done tomorrow, I've painted it today and thought a few of you might also be interested in my step-by-step process.  As you can see,  I don't do a preliminary drawing.  I just 'knock it in' with a #2 flat (Silver Bristlon is my favorite brush).  Then I work fairly traditionally - dark to light. Almost forgot to mention the most important part....I paint with the panel sideways or upside down - seldom do I work with the painting right-side-up.  When the image is upside down,  rather than seeing an owl I see shapes and design. 

I've done similar backgrounds in the 75 for $75 project - the Red-tailed Hawk and the Barn Owl...but in both of these studies I softened the background with a small watercolor mop brush. I intended to do the same with the Great Horned Owl background but I sort of liked the hard edges where one color transitions into another - so I left it as is.  Hope you like it! 

Great Horned Owl
7" x 5" oil study on board, unframed
$75 plus $6 shipping within the U.S



  1. Beautiful and love seeing your process! It's hard for me not to do a preliminary painting. Lovely job!

  2. I love seeing the progress of this painting! Fabulous!