Sunday, May 15, 2011

Red-tailed Hawk

This is the first painting for my second annual 75 for $75  project which starts today. I will post at least one 5" x 7" oil study daily which will be sold for $75 each plus $6 shipping within the United States. All paintings are originals and are sold unframed.  But 5" x 7" is a standard size so you can purchase an inexpensive frame at Michael's or a similar store - or go all out and have it custom-framed at your local frame shop.  Paintings will be shipped as soon as they are dry and varnished - which usually takes about a week.  Shipping will be through the Post Office, priority mail - so when purchasing, make sure you enter in the address where you receive your mail once you click on the Paypal button. 

Last year's 75 for $75 project was a great success.  My son participated - but this time he probably won't be joining me as currently he almost has more commercial illustration work than he can handle.  This is a good thing!

My goal?  The same as last year - to become a better painter.

 Red-tailed Hawk
by Adele Earnshaw
$75 unframed plus $6 shipping


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